Believing the hype

Slowly descending into zombiedom, I’ve become obsessed with the lack of sleep. My eyelids are permanently on squint mode and I’m getting increasingly irritable with just about everybody and every thing. It’s not a happy place to be.

You can imagine the joy then at the contents of a series of emails I’ve received over recent weeks from various parenting and baby websites which have helpfully said; ‘Now your baby has reached six months he or she will probably be sleeping through the night.’

Umm, nope. Not even close. Who writes this stuff?

After going to be at around 7pm, E is waking on average around every three hours and after 2am every two, or even less. He has a good feed of at least 10 minutes each time and most of the time will go back to sleep, waking for the day at around 7am. He feeds regularly during the day.

I’m starting to feel unsure about my ability to feed E and whether or not it’s time to switch to formula at night. But I really don’t want to in case that’s not the issue.

This hasn’t stopped the world and his wife having an opinion on the subject, unsolicited advice has come from many corners, including an advisor from my bank when I asked for information on setting up a savings account. I guess the words breastfeeding and bank account do sound similar so can see how the mistake occurred.

Back to the helpful emails – I guess I should unsubscribe, but I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to all things baby. This weekend I received an email which talked about the sleeping through, but in the next sentence said ‘of course, your baby may be waking more’. Nothing like hedging your bets!


2 thoughts on “Believing the hype

  1. You just exactly described the sleeping patterns of my boy, and he’s 5.5 months! I have to admit I’ve stopped reading those things now, it was making me worried that something was actually wrong with him. I like to think he’s just going through “a phase” and it will end when he’s ready, and he’ll just randomly start sleeping more… lol 🙂 hope you get a good sleep soon!


    • proppedupbymatchsticks

      Thanks! I hope your son appreciates the beauty of sleep soon too. I keep telling myself that he has to sleep at some point… And I’ll have my revenge when he’s a teenager!


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