Hair today

Many many years ago there was a small poster which used to be plastered on the walls of one of the car parks in Truro. It featured three cartoon-style pictures of women holding their heads with the words; ‘We may be losing our hair now we’ve had our babies, but at least we’re not losing our minds!’.

As a young girl who only had to consider how she was going to pass her exams in case Plan A of becoming a backing singer for Michael Jackson and marrying Rob Lowe didn’t work out, the idea of having a baby was not something that ever crossed my mind. And yet, the poster fascinated me. What did having a baby have to do with hair loss?

Pre internet, my only option was to ask my mum, but a conversation about having babies could have strayed into sex and boyfriends territory and I couldn’t take the risk. So I pondered the question every time I saw the poster, trying to work out the link, like it was some kind of riddle.

And now I know the answer. Boy, do I know.

My baby will be six months old next week and clumps of hair are still coming out. It doesn’t stop. Strangely enough for a Google obsessive, this is one post pregnancy question I haven’t conducted a thorough internet search for.

As the only hair styling I do at the moment is to tie it back before E gets his hands on any loose bits, the steady stream of strands appearing on my clothes and in the shower are more of an irritation than a worry. But I am starting to wonder if one morning I’m going to wake up with a bald spot.


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