Extreme blogging

No, I haven’t just moved to Afghanistan, extreme blogging in this instance refers to my current physical state. I’ve put E down for a nap in his cot and as you can imagine, this has pleased him no end. He’s currently making angry noises, but as it’s just short of crying, I’m leaving him to it.

Unfortunately, in trying to keep the room dark while settling him, I’ve shut the door and as this makes a loud noise when I open it, I’m now stuck in the bedroom. To make matters worse E keeps opening his eyes from time to time and looking around.

So at this moment I am kneeling next to the cot, just out of sight, but close enough to soothe the boy if needed. And as my first born struggles to get himself to sleep, whinging all the way, what do I do?

Blog about it, of course!


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