The secret’s in the sleep…

I actually started this blog yesterday, but we had a busy day and I had a (very small) glass of wine which unfortunately does not help the writing process.

It’s 9.30am. After waking every three hours or so, E began the day at 8.30am with a cry and a yawn. After a feed and a change and several more yawning episodes mixed with rubbing of eyes, I put E down for a nap.

And then the battle began.

There were many tears (his) and swearing under the breath (me) culminating in a brief 20 minutes of him finally sleeping in my arms. While being rocked. And sung to. Ultimate sins, apparently, in trying to encourage a baby into a sleep routine.

E is a pretty good sleeper at night in that while he will wake up several times for a feed, he will go back down again pretty easily. The same can’t be said for the daytime when, if we’re lucky, he’ll have three 45 minute naps – two of which are reliant on being in a car, pram or sling. I really do believe my baby is permanently tired – he even has big red bags under his eyes. Surely he shouldn’t be in need of a concealer just yet?!

Trust your instincts they say. ‘You know what’s best for your baby’ is the oft repeated line. Well it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out that yawning + rubbing eyes = tiredness. E was overtired on this occasion, but going from the yawns, he was tired from the moment he woke up.

By the way, on the subject of this ‘mother’s instinct’, I do question sometimes if mine is slightly off kilter, influenced a lot of the time by my own desire to sleep. Sometimes, if E won’t settle for bed and is grizzly, am I too quick to reach for the Calpol blaming the grizzlyness on teething or his excema?

As a baby forum lurker and Google obsessive (other search engines are available), I have trawled many websites in the hope of finding an answer to the day napping. We’ve had limited success with Ewan the Dream Sheep and playing music, but ‘shush-pat’ from the Baby Whisperer and ‘Wake to Sleep’ haven’t worked at all. And, at five months, he’s far too young for ‘Cry it out’. All of the books and websites I’ve read though say sleep leads to more sleep. Yeah right.

So I’ve decided to stop reading and hope that in time things will get better. E hasn’t read any of the baby books anyway…

I say I’ve stopped reading, but if there are any methods that worked for you, please let me know!


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